after massive
weight loss


How soon after my weight loss should I consult?
People who’ve had massive weight loss surgery will typically undergo a rapid and significant weight loss immediately after their surgery. They should make sure their weight has stabilized for at least 6 months before considering body contouring surgery.

Can I do this surgery all in one step?
People who’ve lost massive amounts of weight have very different patterns of skin excess and what I try to do is bundle certain areas together that make sense anatomically. So for example, removing the skin excess around the trunk with a belt lipectomy and doing a thigh lift at the same time makes a lot of sense from a surgical point of view. As long as the surgery doesn’t pass 4 or 5 hours we can do it all in one phase so typically we’ll do one surgery to address the lower body and then another big surgery to address the upper body.

What happens if I gain weight after?
A significant weight gain could compromise the results of the procedure. Body contouring surgery is an important investment in money and recovery and patients should be careful to maintain a healthy weight in order to keep their results for the long term. Weight fluctuations in the range of 5 to 10 pounds are part of normal life and won’t really affect your results.


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