Plastic surgery prices and financing

Plastic surgery is not covered by RAMQ and is very rarely reimbursed by private insurance. The cost of each operation varies depending on the patient and the complexity of the procedures being performed. During the initial consultation, we will give you a detailed estimate and can discuss payment methods and available financing options with you in greater detail (Beautify, iFinance, Crédit Médical).

Please contact one of our specialists for more detailed pricing information.

Our prices and rates

These prices are valid until February 1, 2024. Please note that they are provided for information purposes only. The price of each intervention may vary depending on the anatomical and medical peculiarities of each patient. The size, complexity and duration of the surgeries can also affect the price. All our services are subject to sales tax. Pricing is subject to change at any time.  

Consultation - Surgery $250 
Deductible from cost of surgery
Consultation - Minor Surgery (including labiaplasty $150 
Deductible from cost of surgery
Consultation - Injections $250 (Dr. McGill) $100 (RN Injector)
To be applied to initial treatment
Botox, Dysport $14/unit (Dr. McGill) - $12/unit (RN Injector)
$500 min. (Dr. McGill) $150 min. (RN Injector)
Fillers $750/syringe (Dr. McGill) - $550 (RN Injector)
Masseter Botox $500
Hyperhidrosis $1 000
Facial surgeries
Upper eye lift (blepharoplasty) $4 900
Lower eye lift (blepharoplasty) $8 000
Upper and lower eye lift (blepharoplasty) $10 300
Facelift $20 200
Facelift + blepharoplasty $29 500
Fat transfer (lipofilling) $8 000
Breast surgeries
Breast Augmentation with internal bra $13 000
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) $11 000
Breast Lift with reduction $13 200
Breast Lift with auto-augmentation $15 500
Breast Lift with implants $15 500 - $16 700
Implant removal (simple) $5 600
Implant removal with capsulectomy (simple) $13 200
Implant removal with capsulectomy (complex or combined with breast lift) $15 600
Implant exchange $9 700 - $12 000
Implant exchange with capsulectomy (simple) $16 800
Implant exchange with capsulectomy (complex or combined with breast lift) $19 000
Gynecomastia $11 000 – $13 000
Body surgeries
Abdominoplasty (simple) $11 500
Abdominoplasty with liposuction $12 800 - $17 600
Belt lipectomy $24 300
Lower body lift $35 600
Buttock lift $13 000
Thigh lift $13 000 - $15 600
Arm lift $10 900 - $13 000
Fat Transfer (gluteal or breast) $15 800
Liposuction (local anesthesia) $6 100/hour
Liposuction (general anesthesia) $6 200/hour
Intimate surgery
Labiaplasty $3 500 - $6 500
Minor surgery
Earlobe repair, cyst, lipoma, naevus $3 600/hour or $1200/20 min
Morpheus8 $2400 for 3 sessions


Are the consulting fees deducted from the cost of the surgery?

The consulting fees are applied towards the cost of the surgery. No additional fees will be charged if you wish to obtain further clarification during a second meeting.

What is included in the cost of a surgery?

The price of a surgery includes the preoperative appointment, the intervention, the costs of anesthesia, compression garments, the cost of implants (if applicable) and postoperative follow-ups (within 6 months after the surgery).

Are your services sometimes covered by the RAMQ?

Dr. McGill's practice is entirely private. None of our services are covered by the RAMQ. We recommend that you contact your doctor to learn more about the surgeries that can be covered by the RAMQ, their eligibility criteria and the procedure to follow.

Is it possible to combine several procedures?

It is sometimes possible to combine certain procedures, for instance in the case of a mommy makeover or post-weight loss surgery. This approach has the advantages of requiring only one work interruption/recovery period.

How can I get an accurate price?

The consultation is the only way to get a perfectly tailored treatment plan and an accurate price. Following your evaluation by Dr. McGill, you will receive a detailed quote.

Do you offer financing options?

Financing is available through external companies including Beautify, iFinance and Crédit Médicale. Please contact us so we can assist with your application.

What are the terms of payment?

A 20% deposit is required to reserve the date of your surgery. Full payment must be made no later than two (2) weeks before the scheduled day of the intervention. We accept payment by wire transfer, cash, certified check or debit / credit card (Mastercard and VISA).

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