Mommy Makeover


When can I have this surgery?
A mommy makeover should be done when you’ve definitely decided that you don’t want to have any more children. Pregnancy is possible after having had a tummy tuck but it would be a shame the ruin the work that was done and time you invested in your recovery. You should wait until your last baby is at least 6 months old you should have also finished breastfeeding before you consider doing anything to your breasts to make sure we can see the extent of the deflation and make the most appropriate choice for you.

When can I lift my baby after the surgery?
You should make sure that you have enough help to take care of your children after having a tummy tuck. It takes a certain time for abdominal muscles to heal and solidify after the surgery. Lifting a baby, particularly our of a crib, or lifting their car seat, are going to be difficult for at least 2 weeks. Make sure that you rally the troops (your husbands, family, friends or care giver) and that you have enough support.

Is it painful?
The most painful part of a mommy makeover is the tummy tuck because of the repair of the abdominal muscles. You will likely feel sore when you engage your core to stand up or when you cough (it will feel like you’ve done a thousand sit-ups). The pain is fairly intense for the first 2 days and it starts to gradually improve. Breast surgery or liposuction don’t tend to produce any kind of pain comparable to the tummy tuck portion.

How can I best plan for my recovery?
You need to make sure that you have adequate support around you, particularly in the first 48 hours. You will need help getting out of bed, going to the bathroom and getting meals ready. Home is always the best place to be when recovering from surgery but if you don’t have strong social support we can arrange for an overnight stay at the clinic as well as a home nursing service.


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